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Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!
Visit my Website for all the blurbs, excerpts and news!!

Friday, 20 April 2018

New Release - Sex, Serendipity & Salacia Station - Jessie Pinkham

Always happy to have Jessie over on my blog. Not only I like her stories, but her guest posts are always interesting. So, give her a big cheer for her new release, Sex, Serendipity & Salacia Station, which I just read and that I recommend!

"Hi Katherine and thanks for having me again.
While I enjoy various subgenres of romance, sci-fi has a special place in my heart. What I wanted to write for this story was a fun, lighthearted near future sci-fi where I could explore technology with significant limitations.
Salacia Station orbits Neptune, and anyone going out further into space is going to be signing up for a diet of nutrient shakes and meal bars. Bringing the requisite amounts of real food, and the means to prepare it, would require space and fuel that simply isn’t available. These intrepid voyagers are also saying goodbye to showering with water and a lot of recreation option.
The station itself has more amenities. Mick is the head chef, and some of the food he uses is grown in Salacia Station’s park. They can take showers, but entertainment options are still limited. The story opens with Mick and his friends discussing movies in detail for lack of anything better to do, and they also amuse themselves by inventing their own games.
It can be fun to think of a world with so much technology that it’s practically magic, but for this story I wanted to go a different route, and I think the final result is a more grounded feel. This is a tale that could happen in the next century.
Now, of course, I’m dying for a real-life couple to meet in space. Wouldn’t that be so delightfully romantic? In the meantime, I give you Mick and Kevin." 

Having just read the book, I can confirm that she conveyed that sense of "relatable future" extremely well! 

After months cooped up on a spaceship, Kevin Roth is more than ready to get out and interact with people on Salacia Station. If that interaction happens to be with a hot guy and involve orgasms, even better. He isn’t expecting more than a hookup because he’s on his way back to Earth.

Mick Santorino, the station's head chef, doesn't have a problem finding sex. But finding a deeper connection is difficult in the outer solar system. Mechanical failures keeping Kevin on Salacia Station are a blessing because now Mick gets to spend more time with a great guy.

Despite the pull they feel, Kevin and Mick are convinced nothing more than highly enjoyable sex can come of their attraction. No one meets a future husband 2.7 billion miles from Earth. But as the saying goes, there's a first time for everything ...

"I don't suppose you know why they named the station Salacia?" he asked.

"She was Neptune's wife in Roman mythology. A sea goddess for the sea god."

"Slightly presumptuous, don't you think?" asked Kevin.

"How so?"

Maybe he shouldn't have mentioned that, as it was admittedly a strange thought. He attempted to explain. "To presume that we can make a suitable spouse for a planet." Yeah, that sounded much dumber out loud than it did in his head.

To his credit Mick actually considered this crazy idea before stating, "I never got the impression ancient Romans were concerned about their wives being equal partners."

Kevin was happy to latch on to any idea which redeemed his intelligence, so he nodded. "Good point." After a suitable subject-diverting pause he added, "I've never been able to remember who was who among those ancient deities."

"I got curious and read up, though that was a while ago, and I've forgotten most of what didn't relate to the immediate neighborhood here." Mick gestured out towards the planet. "I'm telling you, the ancient Greeks and Roman gods were up to some crazy shit. Plus the gods couldn't keep in in their pants, or togas or whatever."

"Ancient mythology sounds more interesting that I gave it credit for."

Mick eyed him deliberately. "Sex on the brain, huh?"

In a word, yes. It had just been his hand and a couple toys for the past months and now Kevin had a hot guy who was clearly interested. Yeah, he had sex on the brain alright. Plus, Mick could actually carry on a conversation, an ability Kevin appreciated in a man.

"Takes one to know one," he replied.

Mick grinned. "Does that mean you'd like a tour of the permanent living quarters?"

"As long as you're giving it."

"Of course," said Mick, standing up.

Kevin followed him out of the lounge and through the corridors. Truthfully he didn't absorb any of the information in Mick's tour, though he did enjoy the view as he walked behind the man. It occurred to him halfway to Mick's quarters that he ought to at least pay sufficient attention to find his way back later.

The quarters were at least sixty percent bigger than the room Kevin had to share aboard the Tasman and therefore seemed palatial for one person. He didn't get more than a cursory glance around, enough to see the size and the window showing a field of stars, because Mick wasted no time in grabbing his hip and asking, "What are you into?"

While Kevin's sexual interests were varied, one particular scenario appealed most at the moment. "I've been fantasizing about a sixty-nine for the last month."

"Yeah?" Mick grinned. "Sounds good to me." With that he pulled Kevin in for a kiss.

Kevin enjoyed many kinds of kisses. This variety was the messy, primal kind that promised they'd soon be doing a lot more. It was raw and visceral and so, so good after seven sexually frustrating months. He reached around to grab Mick's ass, finding it eminently suited for groping.

If Mick's sexy growl was anything to go by, he liked having his ass grabbed. Excellent. Kevin took that as permission to grope to his heart's content. Mick, meanwhile, had gotten his hands under Kevin's shirt and given them free reign over Kevin's back.

As tended to happen in these scenarios it wasn't long before they were thrusting against each other, which was only pleasant for so long. Mick pulled back, pupils wide with lust. "We're overdressed."

"True." Kevin set to work rectifying that problematic state of affairs.

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Tuesday, 17 April 2018

New Release - Doris O'Connor - Her Husband's Army Buddy

Always very very happy to  host Doris O'Connor, a truly wonderful author and friend whose books are so hot that you need welder gloves to hold them!

"Dear Katherine, thanks so much for hosting my new release today. Her Husband’s Army Buddy is out now, and the first in a new series called McLeod Security.
Like so many of my stories, this one started as flash on my blog. Little did I know then, that it would evolve into a series. When I expanded the flash, it was to be a short story in honor of one of my reader’s birthdays. She is the Sandy in the story."
As I wrote it took on a life of its own, side characters popped up demanding their story to be told, and hey presto a new series was born. Book two is already completed and the next two are in the planning stages, so watch this space!
I should add that all stories will be Standalones, loosely connected through McLeod Security, some darker than others, with different pairings and D/s dynamics, and familiar characters will pop up throughout. "

McLeod Security, 1
There should only ever be two people in a marriage...
Sandy McLeod has been perfectly happy in her D/s relationship with her husband Zane for the last ten years. Until his old army buddy re-enters their life.
Sean Manson is altogether too handsome, too virile, far too much of anything. The man oozes dominance, danger, and leashed aggression, and Sandy can’t help but respond to him. Neither can Zane. He walked away from Sean once. Now, he’s back, long suppressed feelings bubble to the surface and cannot be denied. When Sandy agrees to a threesome, happiness seems within their grasp. Sean’s demons, however, threaten to destroy everything they hold dear.
Sean never meant to come between husband and wife, let alone hurt either one of them. Surely, the only solution is to walk away from them both. When you’re the missing piece, however, walking is simply not an option.
Be Warned: menage sex (MMF), anal sex, BDSM, m/m sex, sex toys, double penetration

Available from:

And Doris allowed us not 1 but 2 excerpts from her book, peeps, so, find your fans and a ice buckets, and here we go!

Excerpt 1:
“We need to get her out of this dress, Sir.”
Hearing her husband address Sean like that gave her a secret thrill, the likes of which she wouldn’t have thought possible. To know that she was at the mercy of two Doms, one of which was an unknown entity made this whole thing extra exciting. Whether it was the perceived danger Sean represented, the not knowing how far he would take things, her befuddled brain couldn’t quite figure out. She stopped thinking altogether when Zane unzipped her dress at the back, followed by the snap on her bra and slid his hands around her ribcage to cup her freed breasts.
“Let her go a minute so we can lose these contraptions.” Zane’s grumbled command pitched her need even higher.
Sean stopped kissing her, the pressure on her wrists ceased, and in the next instant she was naked, barring her soaked through thong, hold-up stockings, and the heels she still wore.
“Fuck, you’re beautiful.” Sean’s deep voice showed his admiration of her body as much as his perusal of her as he stepped back and let his hot gaze roam all over. “Spread her for me, so that I can look my fill of our sweet cunt.”
The dirty words turned her on almost as much as her husband’s immediate response.
“Your wish is my command, Sir.”
Zane kicked her legs apart and held her wrists firmly behind her back. Sean, in the meantime, shrugged out of his shirt, and kicked his shoes and trousers off with a speed that left her dizzy. As did the size of his erection straining against the damp confines of his boxers. To know she’d done that to him was a heady aphrodisiac indeed, as was her husband’s erection pushing against her ass.
Sean divested himself of his boxers, too, and she gasped when his thick shaft bobbed up to his navel. She’d been right. He was huge. While his girth wasn’t as thick as Zane’s he had a good half inch in length, and Zane wasn’t exactly small in that department.
Heavily veined, Sean’s magnificent cock looked ready to explode all over again, the broad tip already glistening in pre-cum.
She wanted to taste him so badly, yet Zane’s grip on her wrists stopped her from reaching out. As though Sean had read her thoughts, he groaned and, taking his shaft in his hand, pumped a few times along its length.
“Soon, you get to suck my cock, sweet girl, but for now, I need to taste you properly.” With that he got to his knees. As tall as he was that action brought his head level with her breasts, and he wasted no time in taking full advantage of that fact. Sean held each breast in his large hand, and grinning up at her pushed them together, before he took both nipples into his mouth and sucked hard.
Sandy tugged at Zane’s restraints, and her knees would have buckled had Zane not pushed his thigh between her legs to keep her upright. Her head fell back against his shoulder, and she gave herself over to the intense sensations Sean’s talented tongue subjected her to. Her nipples had always been sensitive, a livewire straight to her clit, and with the dual sensation of Sean’s sucks and the gentle friction Zane’s leg created between her thighs, she climbed the rungs of arousal in record time. Her hips bucked against her husband’s leg as she sought to increase the friction she needed to go over.
A sharp bite to her shoulder coincided with Sean releasing his hold on her nipples with an audible pop.
“No coming without your Sirs’ permission, baby girl, or we’ll leave you hanging.”
Sure enough, Zane withdrew his thigh, while Sean grasped her hips to keep her steady. He kissed his way down her soft belly, interspersing kisses with little bites that left her hovering on the precipice. He bypassed her pussy and, flinging one of her legs over his shoulder, nibbled along the edge of her stocking.
“Hmm, as much as I love these, they need to come off. Look at me, pet.”
Sandy’s eyes flew open, and the sight of Sean between her legs made another gush of moisture trickle past the elastic of her thong. He licked that trail away, and she groaned.
“Please, I need to, please.”
Grinning, Sean blew a stream of hot air across her still covered slit, and her clit contracted in need.
“What do you need, sweet Sandy? Do you need to come?” He nudged his nose along her vulva, inhaling deeply, and Sandy jerked. Not that it got her very far because Zane’s hold on her wrists never lessened, and Sean’s fingers dug into her hips with so much pressure, she would surely be left with bruises. The thought of carrying his marks made breathing even more difficult, and she groaned her reply.
“Please, so close, I … God…”
She wasn’t entirely sure what pleas were spilling from her lips, and in truth she was far too gone to care. With Zane’s harsh breaths in her ear, and Sean’s dirty words she was a goner.
“So very eager. I can see your little clit push against this lace. You’re close, aren’t you, sweet thing? Such a turn-on. What do you think, Zane, should we let her come or torture her some more?”
Sean let go of her hips briefly to tear her thong clean off of her, and then he looked his fill.
“So very wet, and pink. Your hole is clenching, begging to be filled. What do you want in there, pet? My tongue? My fingers? My cock? Or Zane’s? Tell me, or I’ll leave you hanging and fuck your husband instead.”

Excerpt 2:
Sean’s gaze heated at Zane’s answer, and he wished there wasn’t a damn table between them. Zane couldn’t stand the physical distance between them anymore. He wanted, needed to reconnect with Sean, just him and his Sir.
“I guess we are. I want you, boy.” Sean’s voice dropped on those last few words, and Zane shot to his feet, rounded the table, and got to his knees in front of his Sir. He fixed his gaze on Sean’s bare feet and murmured his answer.
“Then have me, Sir.”
Sean’s sharp intake of breath was music to his ears, as were his Sir’s next words.
“Be careful what you wish for, boy, because if we’re doing this, then know you’ve earned yourself a sore ass for having neglected our girl.”
Sean grasped Zane’s chin and tilted his head up until their gazes met. Silent determination greeted Zane, as well as so much emotion it made Zane swallow hard to get rid of the lump in his throat.
“I know, and I’m sorry, Sir. I won’t let that happen again. I was just…” He couldn’t bring himself to continue, but he should have known his Sir wouldn’t let him get away with that. The hold on his chin grew painful, and Sean positively glared at him.
“You were just what? Say it out loud, boy. If this is going to work, all three of us we need to talk about everything that bothers us. You know that.”
Zane shut his eyes and nodded.
“You hurt my feelings when you cut yourself off.” The hold on his chin turned into a caress as Sean stroked his fingers along Zane’s jaw, and then kissed him. It was the briefest of touches, so gentle, he might have imagined it, had he not heard the whispered words.
“I know, my love, and I’m sorry. It was a dick move on my part. I won’t cut you out like that again.”
Sean opened his eyes and lost himself in his Sir’s gaze all over again.
“Promise?” he asked, not at all ashamed at the tears he was fighting to not give into.
“I promise, and you must promise me something, too.”
“Anything, Sir.”
“If I ever do that again, pull me up on it.”
Zane didn’t even try to hold his emotions in this time, and he knew he didn’t have to. This was his Sir, and he could deal with his tears, just as he could deal with the burdens Sean carried with him.
“I will, if you promise to do the same for me. We need to be our best for our girl.”
Sean nodded, and swiped the tears off Zane’s face with his fingertips.
“That we do, but right here and now I don’t want to talk about her. I want to redden my boy’s ass to wipe the slate clean and then fuck him senseless until neither one of us can move.”
The words hung in the air between them, and Zane gave his consent.
“God, yes, Sir.”
How they made it up the stairs and into the spare room, Zane would never know. They left a trail of his clothes behind, as he frantically pulled them off, in between kisses, which turned ever more passionate. Teeth clashed, mouths devoured, but, finally, mercifully, he was naked, bent over the end of the bed, and ready to take whatever his Sir had in store.
“Always so eager, my boy.”
Sean’s guttural voice pitched his own need higher, and he rubbed his rock-hard dick along the edge of the bed to gain some much-needed relief.
A red-hot strip of pain exploded across his butt cheeks, and Zane grunted. Fuck, that stung. Not that he had much time to process it, because another, just as hard strike happened, followed by several more in quick succession, which left him panting for breath.
“That’s for trying to get yourself off without me, boy.” Sean’s hands dug into the painful welts he’d just laid across Zane’s ass, and Zane hissed through his teeth at the rough sensation.
“That was my belt, and there’s more of that to come if you don’t behave, are we clear?”
“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry.”
“Good, now these are for your treatment of Sandy.”

About Doris
Doris is a writer of sensual, sassy, and sexy tales involving alpha heroes to die for, and heroines who give as good as they get.  From contemporary to paranormal, Sci-fi, BDSM, M/M, and Ménage, haunting love stories are guaranteed.
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Friday, 13 April 2018

New release - Mackenzie Williams - The Criminal's Captive

Guest today in the Lair is Mackenzie Williams with her new release, The Criminal's Captive!

Levi Cardinal is a criminal for hire. But he doesn't do it for the money. He does it for the thrill. Kidnapping Tessa Richardson is supposed to be just another exciting job, but when he starts to fall for her, it changes his outlook on his life of crime.

When the job hits a snag, Levi has to step in to save Tessa from harm. He takes her home to watch her, but is that all he wants? Levi may be a criminal, but can Tessa trust him?


Levi spun her toward the bed and then released her with a small push. Tessa fell onto his bed, a deep breath rushing from her. He quickly pulled his belt free from his jeans. His stare was intense as he snapped his belt against itself. The sound was evil and intoxicating.
Tessa held her breath as he leaned down and spoke. "Get ready."
He grabbed her and effortlessly flipped her onto her stomach. Tessa started to crawl away from him, but he swiftly pulled her leg and her body back toward himself. Levi grabbed her wrists and soon was wrapping his leather belt around both of them.
"Trying to crawl away from me, pet? I thought you were a good girl."
Tessa could hear the playfulness in his tone. She pulled on her arms as he finished securing them with his belt. When he let go of her, she could feel that the belt wasn't too tight. If she tried hard enough, she could pull her hands free from it.
That fact made a small smile play on her lips as she heard Levi rid himself of the rest of his clothes. We're going to play bad guy and damsel. I can handle that. Her smile grew bigger before she forced it off her face.
Tessa used her legs to push herself up the bed, away from him. She yelped as his hand came down to spank her ass two quick times.
"Tessa, you can't get away from me. Haven't you learned that?"
He smacked her ass again, and she moaned loudly. She could feel her pussy wet further as she rubbed her face into the bed. Levi suddenly slid his hand between her legs, and she instantly closed them, squirming some more.
Tessa gasped. "Don't." She didn't mean it. She desperately wanted him to touch her … everywhere. She was playing the good victim, though.
"Don't? Sorry, you aren't making the rules here." His tone was serious, which only made her pussy wetter.
Levi pressed one hand down on her lower back, stilling her. His other hand moved under her and was soon touching her pussy. She lifted her body just slightly off the bed, trying not to be too obvious with her wanting his touches. Tessa held her breath as his fingers moved up her pussy lips to her clit. He pressed down on it, and the tingle got stronger still.
Tessa whined as he pressed harder on her clit before running his fingers through her pussy lips, parting them. She rubbed her face into the bed again as he slipped his finger into her pussy.
Tessa moaned. "Levi."
He slipped his finger in and out of her several times, getting faster and harder each time. "You like that, don't you?"
She only answered with a whimper and a shiver.

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Thursday, 12 April 2018

Spicy edits

Spice and Vanilla's first round of edits is done, with a couple of scenes added (some spice, some fun, some poetry).

"...Tortured as he was in a piercing narrow place between agony and delight , it was simply too much.

It was a thing of beauty to watch. That’s right, that’s right. See, you are free now. You are, and I did it. I did for you.
Because that was what it was all about.
Raphael was what it was all about. He was the center and the core, the bloodied, honeyed song at the heart of this whole rough, dirty symphony.
To set you free, I would do anything."

Thursday, 29 March 2018

New Release - His Ex-Partner's Ex-Wife - LM Spangler

A big cheer, please, for LM Spangler brand new release, this very day, My Ex-Partner's Ex-Wife.

 She's smoking hot...and his ex-partner's ex-wife.
            Ridley Asher found herself unemployed. Jack Sterling needed an administrative assistant. No brainer, right?
             Ridley became Sterling Motor's administrative assistant...and the object of Jack's desire. He had no idea the attraction was mutual.
             After an indecent involving her ex-husband, they grow closer, both mentally and physically.
             Little do they know, her ex has no intentions of letting her go.
             Can they explore a life together even though she'd once belonged to someone else?

“Thanks, Jack. I know this might be awkward for you,” Ridley Asher said. “You never hung around us much.”
She had no idea. Jack’s libido went into overdrive every time he’d see her. Even in the presence of Dean Asher. Ridley was temptation with a capital T. Curvaceous, stunning, exotic. A man’s fantasy.
And his ex-partner’s ex-wife.
“It’s no big deal, Ridley. You need a job and Sterling Motors needs an administrative assistant. You win, and I definitely win. I’m organized when it comes to restoring cars, but I can’t organize this business to save my life.” He’d just walk around the shop with a raging woody for eight or so hours a day.
“Umm. Wha-what about Dean?” Her ocean-blue eyes searched Jack’s. A frown turned her full lips downward.
Her response bothered him. Ridley deserved to smile. “Dean doesn’t play into this. This is purely a business decision. You have the skill set I need and you understand the restoration process. You literally know the nuts and bolts of a job.” He leaned back in his beat-up leather desk chair, elbows on the arms, and steepled his fingers. “I will let Dean know I hired you. Just to avoid any surprises.”
She nodded. “Fair enough,” she admitted, wringing her fingers. “I hope I don’t put you in a bad situation, but I appreciate you hiring me. I can’t believe the firm closed down. We were in the green every quarter I worked there.”
“I’m not sure, but their loss is my gain.” He rose from his chair, reaching his full height of six-feet-two. He leaned his head from side to side, cracking the vertebrae in his neck. “I know this is spur of the moment, but can you start today? You’re already here.”
“I could, but I have Dozer with me.”
A brow rose. “Dozer?” A large piece of construction equipment popped into his mind.
A soft smile graced her face, adding alluring beauty to an already exquisite face. “My very large yellow Labrador retriever.”
He gave a mental eye roll. Dean had mentioned that she couldn’t find a man so she’d gotten a dog instead. Jack seriously doubted she had trouble finding men. His mechanics and metal workers stopped whatever they were doing and watched her walk to Jack’s office. A magnet had nothing on her.
“He’s welcome here. Three of my men bring their dogs with them. My only rule is they have to wear a fire retardant vest when they are around sparks or blow torches.”
“Again, fair enough.” She rose from the chair opposite Jack’s desk and maneuvered around the beat-up metal piece of furniture. She laid her hand on his arm and stood on her tiptoes. “Thank you, Jack. I’m glad Denny gave me the heads up on the job.” Her lips brushed his ever so softly, probably not to entice, but to show her gratitude.
Every nerve ending in Jack Sterling’s body roared to life. She returned to her chair and leaned over to pick up her purse. Her jeans hugged her heart-shaped bottom to perfection. Erotic pictures filled his mind.

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Author Bio:

             LM Spangler lives in South Central Pennsylvania with her husband, daughter, three dogs, a cat, a rabbit, and some fish. Her son serves his country in the US Navy.
             She is a fan of college football and any kind of baseball and likes to watch the Discovery, Velocity, HGTV, DIY, Science, and any channel showing a college football game. She also watches old game shows like $25,000 Pyramid and Match Game.